SEMCO LIQUID MEMBRANE - The Ultimate Guide and Solution to your Waterproofing Needs

Water can cause major damage to houses and buildings. This damage can lead to safety issues if these are not adequately waterproofed and protected. Sometimes the waterproofing component is omitted from construction completely, while others are of such poor quality that each year many exterior & interior premises both residential and commercial report water damage due to poor waterproofing

It can be prevented with the use of our Semco Liquid Membrane. It is an easy-to-do it application with a guarantee of up to 10 years of protection for non traffic surfaces.


1. Why is it Important?
Water-related issues account for atleast 80% of a house defects and it is important for protecting your property and its value. Some of the benefits include:


a.) Protection from leaks and strengthens the structure of the premises
b.) Safety for both the owners and their families
c.) Reduces maintenance costs and increases property value


2. Waterproofing Membrane applications
Regardless of the area and its size. The Semco Liquid Membrane can be applied to almost all hard surfaces both interior and exterior. Preparing a surface prior to applying the membrane can be a 'hassle' but with our own "Easy Step Instructions", a novice and unexperienced one can do it in an instance. There is no need to hire a professional to properly lay it on the surface.


The Semco Liquid Membrane - because of its capacity to fill in even the finest cracks in concrete and reducing its water absorbency.

It can be applied seamlessly and penetrates the surface deeply and evenly. Thus, considered one of the best waterproofing materials and most versatile products in the market today.

With our history of more than 30 years of on the international market. There is no doubt that our Semco Products have the qualities and consistencies beyond the standards.