SEMCO Liquid Membrane on exterior wood deck

Seal Wood Decks: Easy And Convenient Way

wood deck is an outdoor area where you can enjoy spending time in. The deck is an integral part of the house where you can relax outside, eat meals, spend time with friends or family and more. They need regular maintenance and care to ensure they last as long time and to be enjoyed for years to come. SEMCO Liquid Membrane can help protect your wood deck from the harsh sun, rain or extreme cold. It is easy to apply, it’s a do-it-yourself product, so you don’t have to call someone else in for help!

How To Seal a Wood Deck?


  • Prep

    It is essential to prepare the surface to get the best results.

    Sanding is good for wood decks as Pressure or Power washing can soften the wood which will lead to long-term damage. It removes any splinters or rough patches as well as stain, varnish, etc. You can use an orbital hand sander or floor sander with 60-grit. Once finished, ensure that there’s no particles or dust before application


  • Apply

    SEMCO Liquid Membrane should be applied in a very thin layer (0.015 inch per coat). You can use a brush, 1/2" woven nap roller, or airless sprayer (tip size 17) with min 2500-3300 PSI. You will need two coats and avoid drips. A gallon of SEMCO Liquid Membrane is enough for about 200 square feet of surface area.

    Take note:

    • Apply any coatings only at the proper temperature - between 50 to 90 ° F 

    • Applying on low temperature may prolong the curing time of any coating

    • Never apply any coating in direct sunlight. This could cause it to flash dry, which prevents it from penetrating the wood properly.

    • Wait for a day with no rain in the forecast for the next 48 hours to prevent washing the coating away.


  • Enjoy

    It is a great way to make wood decks last longer and look cleaner. It’s a fast, easy way to seal wood decks or other wood surfaces in your home!