The Liquid Membrane is a single component waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane. It is a self-contained elastomeric fluid suspended in a copolymer adhesive, this revolutionary blend enables easy application while providing excellent bridging, and waterproofing




✔️Exterior/interior cladding

✔️Residential, industrial and commercial



✔️ACTIVE ADHESION : Integrated chemical adhesion enables mechanical cross-linking to the applied surfaces, creating a perfect bond for long lasting protection.

✔️WATERPROOF MEMBRANE : Low VOC waterproofing that allows you to proceed with your finish within 2 hours of application enabling a speedier project completion.

✔️ELONGATION WITHOUT BREAKING : Up to 400% stretch and elongation providing future crack suppression for years to come. Stabilizes wood substrates to receive surface finish products.


roller  brush






Drying times are affected by temperature and relative humidity. The chart represents guidelines values but each project is to be treated individually.

The chart represents the time needed in between coats at specified temperature.

drying and recoat times


Curing time is affected by temperature and humidity.

For example at only 50º F, a full cure would take 10 days in comparison to at 95º F it would only take 5 days to cure.

cure times