Natural Wood
  • If you have any wax or existing coating we recommend using SEMCO Power Cleaner and Stone Soap to strip it off.
  • Or use 60 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the surface to take off any dirt or loose coating
Pools, Ponds, submerged applications
  • Use SEMCO Nu-Lift Cleaner and Stone Soap to remove any mineral deposits or efflorescence 
  • Remove any loose paint or coating
Concrete, Cement, Block, Pavers, Synthetic Wood
  • Use SEMCO Nu-Lift Cleaner and Stone Soap to remove any mineral deposits or efflorescence
  • If there is any oil or grease, use SEMCO Power Cleaner and Nu-Lift Cleaner to strip surface of any oil or grease
Metal, Aluminium
  • Use SEMCO Nu-Lift Cleaner and Stone Soap to chemically etc the surface of the metal for optimal bonding
Sweep all debris off surface to ensure proper bond. Clean up with water to get any cleaning detergents off the surface.

Roller/Brush Application

Use a 1/2" nap roller. Allow any pre-treated areas to dry to the touch. Apply a thin coat (0.015 inch per coat) of SEMCO Liquid Membrane with brush or roller over substrate including pre-treated areas. Apply another thin coat of SEMCO Liquid Membrane over the first coat of SEMCO Liquid Membrane. Let topcoat dry to the touch, approximately 1–2 hours at 70 °F (21 °C) and 50% RH. When last coat has dried to the touch, inspect final surface for pinholes, voids, thin spots or other defects.SEMCO Liquid Membrane will dry to a lighter color when it’s dry to touch. Use additional SEMCO Liquid Membrane to seal the defects. Required total thickness is 0.03 - 0.04 inches

Sprayer Application

The sprayer being used for the application of SEMCO Liquid Membrane should be capable of producing a minimum of 2,500 psi (17.2), maximum of 3,300 psi (22.8 MPa) with a flow rate of 0.95 to 1.6 GPM (3.6 to 6.0 LPM) using a 0.521 or a 0.631 reversible tip. Keep the unit filled with SEMCO Liquid Membrane to ensure continuous application of liquid. The hose length should not exceed 100’ (30 m) in length and 3/8” (9 mm) in diameter. Required thickness is 0.03 - 0.04 inches.

Additional Information

  • For clean up use warm water to clean brush or roller right after use. 
  • For optimal bonding we highly recommend preparing the surface as mentioned above for best results.
  • Suitable for light foot traffic.For heavy foot traffic or vehicle traffic, we recommend using SEMCO Titan Shield.
  • The substrate needs to be dry prior to the application. Rest moisture in the substrate should not exceed 3%. 
  • Stir up the product well before use in order to mix up the color pigments.
  • Avoid application in direct sun light in the afternoon or temperatures of over 85F as it might cause the product to dry too fast before it can adhere to the substrate
  • For applications where the product is fully submerged 3 coats @0.02 inch thickness per coat is required and  allow a curing time of minimum 6-7 days depending on temperature and humidity. It is required to apply SEMCO Liquid Membrane™ in a continuous manner until above the water line. We do not recommend partial applications that are submerged.
  • Coverage may vary depending on porosity of the substrate and also the thickness of coat being applied.

Data Sheets

For additional information, please feel free to reach out to us.